DeepGrid® Vision

Smart Surveillance for Critical Infrastructures

Electric grids​, like internet, are based on complex connections between ​power plants, power ​substations​ and ​distribution substations​, in a mesh with different layers of exploitation and service priority. Integrity of such assets and its facilities are fundamental to guarantee the day-to-day provision of essential services.

DeepGrid® Vision works on Critical Infrastructure Integrity, detecting and alerting for Intrusion, Corona Effect or Hot Spots.

Eneida’s DeepGrid® Vision is a ready-to-use vertical solution, from event producers (smart corona effect sensors, radars, visible light and thermographic cameras) to frontend software.

Critical Infrastructure

DeepGrid® Vision consists of an integrated set of modules.
The various modules and devices included in a typical installation are:

  • Image Processing Module Continuously analyses video from cameras and is able to detect any relevant changes in the image;

  • Visible Light Cameras Intrusion detection;

  • Thermographic Cameras Hot spot detection;

  • Ultrasonic Radars Intrusion detection;

  • EWS DTPD Smart Sensor Electric arcs detection;

  • Image Classification Module Detects and classifies the objects in video feeds: people, animals, vehicles, etc. This uses a state of the art implementation of Artificial Neural Networks;

  • Local Server Backend server that performs the high level management of the local system. It also enables DeepGrid central server to get access to the information and configuration functionalities in the local system.


The DeepGrid® Vision solution includes a web applicationthat enables users to visualizeand manage the entire system from any web browser in any computer or mobile device.


  • Intuitive dashboard with geographic representation of events, offering a global vision of the system;

  • Easy identification of the infrastructures with events and straightforward access to the associated video feeds;

  • Search and filter functionalities to improve usability.

  • Any event detected - Intrusion, Hot Spots and Corona Effect - generates video feeds as recorded by the cameras in the infrastructure;

  • Video feeds of intrusion events are further analysed by an object detection layer that classifies the kind of intrusion: people, animals, vehicles, etc;

  • State of the art Machine Learning algorithms for detecting and classifying events. Our Image Classification Module makes use of some of the latest advances in Artificial Neural Networks applications for image classification.

Smart surveillance

Critical Infrastructures condition assessment

  • Incipient faults (corona effect and partial discharges; hotspots in assets; damaged fences) are detected earlier, so allowing the operatorto act and correct it in time, avoiding power outage and the consequent loss in asset lifetime;

  • Plan maintenance interventions ahead, when incipient faults are detected;

  • Intrusion may be detected in time, avoiding equipment theft and people injury or death;

  • Communication with public authorities based on specific criteria: for example intrusion eventscan be forwarded automatically to Police Forces, and fire events to Fire Departments;

  • Deeper knowledge and control over the Infrastructure Integrity and Condition, leading to a better management of the grid.

  • Register new critical infrastructures and manage their information;

  • Manage the layout of any infrastructure:
    :: divide facilities in areas and zones;
    :: distribute devices along different zones;

  • Add, remove and configure any device remotely.

Infrastructures and devices management

Mobile Application

The DeepGrid® Vision solution includes a mobile application that enables users to record short video feeds inside a Critical Infrastructure and upload them to the DeepGrid central platform.

  • Record video feeds for any relevant events in any equipment;

  • Better collaboration for maintenance operations: workers in the local can get advice by uploading a video of the event;

  • Secure access to the DeepGrid® IoT Platform.

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