Low Voltage Network Monitoring and Optimization

The real time monitoring and optimization of the LV Network, of its condition and operation, to get the most out of it while being able to use it with great flexibility, will be critical for the effective roll­out of Electric Vehicles, Renewables and other Distributed Energy Resources, to improve Security of Supply and QoS, and to increase Energy Efficiency. eneida DeepGrid® by Eneida.io uniquely allows this optimization to be done in an efficient and effective way, while having automatic data analysis and recommendations.

eneida DeepGrid® is the right solution for the detailed, remote and online, Monitoring and Optimization of the LV Network, at a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Smart device

eneida DeepGrid® is based on the low cost Eneida’s field unit EWS DTVI

  • Measures up to 18 Currents and 3 Voltages;

  • Processing & Memory Capacity (1 year);

  • Self-powered and with energy backup;

  • GPRS and Bluetooth communication;

  • Firmware remotely updated;

  • Robust, IP65, and very compact;

  • Very easy, “live”, rapid installation.

Web Application

The eneida DeepGrid® solution includes a web application that enables users to visualize and manage the entire system from any web browser in any computer or mobile device.


  • Intuitive dashboard with geographic representation of events, offering a global vision of the system;

  • Easy identification of the assets with events and their description;

  • Search and filter functionalities to improve usability.

  • Finer analysis of the LV network condition, per line or feeder:

    :: Current, voltage and frequency (min, max, rms);

    :: Direction of energy flow;
    :: Power factor;

    :: Total Harmonic Distortion.

    :: Power (inst., active, reactive, apparent);

    :: Energy (active, reactive, consumed);

    :: Real-time data;

    :: Follow time evolution of the physical variables;

    :: Graphical components with several interaction features to help analyse data and extract the most of it.

LV Network real-time monitoring

LV Network Condition Assessment

  • Real-time assets condition state. Changes are refreshed and perceived immediately;

  • Anomaly Detection: receive alerts for any relevant anomaly;

  • Receive recommendations based on the future prediction of the physical variables.

  • Register and manage assets and devices (EWS DTVI-g);

  • Remote configuration of devices;

  • Enable device Bluetooth for temporary local access with the mobile application.

Assets and devices management

Mobile Application

The solution also includes a mobile application that enables users to configure new devices (EWS DTVI-g) at installation time and register them into the eneida DeepGrid® IoT Platform. Users can also use the mobile app at any later time to connect to a device and visualize its current data.

  • Secure access to the eneida DeepGrid® IoT Platform;

  • Safe access to devices by Bluetooth secret pin;

  • Configure device installation parameters;

  • Real-time sensor readings.

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