eneida DeepGrid® Earth

Earthing System Monitoring and Optimization

The Earthing System play a fundamental role in Secondary Distribution Substations (SDS), being a key critical asset for managing the energy distribution to end-users. In order to avoid assets damage or personal injury, and ensure the compliance with Earthing Systems regulations, the quality of these systems has to be checked periodically.

eneida DeepGrid® Earth is the online and low-cost solution to remotely monitor the earth resistance, avoiding periodic and in-site checking campaigns.

It is a ready-to-use vertical solution, from smart sensors to frontend software, that provides a non-intrusive, remote and real-time monitoring of resistance in earthing systems, yet at a reduced cost. Besides the monitoring capabilities, the eneida DeepGrid® Earth solution has a Data Analytics layer that is constantly processing data and is able to produce a variety of alerts and recommendations, including Theft Alerts, that give DSOs remote full control over their LV Earthing Systems.

Smart device

eneida DeepGrid® Earth is based on Eneida’s field unit EWS DTE-g.

  • Automatic alerts for out-of-range resistance;

  • Automatic alarms for non-safe condition;

  • Earth bars Theft Monitoring;

  • In-live and Non-intrusive installation.


The eneida DeepGrid® Earth solution includes a web application that enables users to visualize and manage Earthing Systems.


  • Intuitive dashboard with geographic representation of assets and events, offering a global vision of the system;

  • Easy identification of the assets with events and their description;

  • Search and filter functionalities to improve usability.

  • Neutral Resistance (online);

  • Protective Earth Resistance (online);

  • Detailed data for a finer analysis of the asset condition in a selectable period;

  • Earthing System Integrity Monitoring (Theft Alerts).

Low voltage networks real-time monitoring

Earthing System Condition Assessment

  • Earth condition changes are perceived immediately;

  • Alert events for abnormal values of resistance;

  • Different types of alerts depending on the resistance values;

  • Recommendations based on the future prediction of the resistance evolution.

  • Register and manage assets and devices (EWS DTE-g);

  • Associate devices to equipment;

  • Associate device with an asset;

  • Remote configuration of devices.

Assets and devices management

Mobile Application

The solution includes a mobile application that enables users to configure new devices (EWS DTE-g) at installation time using smartphones to register them into the eneida DeepGrid® IoT Platform. Users can also use the mobile app at any later time to connect to a device and analyse their current data.

  • Secure access to the eneida DeepGrid® IoT Platform;

  • Safe access to devices by Bluetooth secret pin;

  • Configure device installation parameters;

  • Real-time sensor readings.

eneida DeepGrid® Earth

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