Low Voltage Networks

Secondary Distribution Substations play a fundamental role in the electric grid, being key critical assets for managing the energy distribution to end-users. Eneida’s DeepGrid® ONE is the right solution for power transformer monitoring in Secondary Distribution Substations.

Eneida’s DeepGrid® Security is the perfect solution for assets surveillance in SDS. It is a ready-to-use vertical solution, from smart sensors to frontend software, that provides an online and real-time monitoring of intrusion and theft  activities.

DeepGrid® Earth is the online and low-cost solution to remotely monitor the earth resistance, avoiding periodic and in-site checking campaigns. It is a ready-to-use vertical solution, from smart sensors to frontend software, that provides a non-intrusive, remote and real-time monitoring of resistancein earthing systems, yet at a reduced cost.

Other Grid Critical Assets

DeepGrid® Vision works on Critical Infrastructure Integrity, detecting and alerting for Intrusion, Corona Effect or Hot Spots. Is a ready-to-use vertical solution, from event producers (smart corona effect sensors, radars, visible light and thermographic cameras) to frontend software.

Eneida has developed an innovative and robust solution to remotely monitor and control both performance and condition of Rural PV Parks. It provides online and real-time information of power production and consumption, as well as it is able to help preventing security threats.

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