Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) need an efficient and effective solution for the prevention of flooding in underground Secondary Distribution Substations (SDS). Eneida Wireless & Sensors proposes a smart sensor network system that, remotely and online, monitors the potential of flooding and monitors and controls a water pump, thus avoiding the occurrence of floods and the respective damage in SDS. The eneida’s system is composed by a few (1 or more) water smart detectors sensors (EWS DTH2O) and a smart water pump monitor and controller (EWS DTPump). These devices create a local wireless network and communicate with each other using that network. The EWS DTPump also transmits the relevant information (flooding alarms, pump condition, etc) from the site to a remote server, using mobile communication (GPRS). The EWS devices are able to be configured, and the pump actuated, remotely.
  • Easy to install and operate. It allows the remote configuration, diagnosis and firmware update of the equipment, as well as local configuration over the Web;
  • The Water Pump is automatically operated, based upon flooding condition monitoring, in a machine-to-machine framework;
  • The Water Pump can be remotely monitored, tested and actuated, if needed;
  • Smart devices: they have bidirectional communications, local processing and memory capabilities;
  • With more than one water smart detector (EWS DTH2O) it is possible to monitor the flooding evolution.
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