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Operational Analytics Platform

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Affordable, safe, resilient and clean energy is a key enabler to better living progress, and energy security & independence.

We are determined to give each neighbourhood grid the intelligence it needs, so we have Zero Emission Neighbourhoods.

eneida deepgrid

Distribution System Operators are faced with new challenges: a strong increase in variability of supply and demand in local grids, because of Distributed Energy Resources.

eneida deepgrid

Our next generation Smart Sensors powering Operating Analytics Apps, is for DSOs looking for detailed, real-time visibility to maximize penetration of Electric Vehicles, Heat Pumps and Distributed Solar Photovoltaics in an efficient and reliable way.

The Low Voltage Grid Operational Analytics Platform

eneida DeepGrid®

Sense, optimise and control the Low Voltage network.
Enable more electric vehicles connections, more solar panels in consumers’ roofs, while reducing grid outages.

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Operational Analytics

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eneida DeepGrid®


Cutting edge technology embedded in a smart sensor device, slim for any substation cabinet, robust in any climate, compact and light for any pole. Captures critical measurements on the Low Voltage grid, with a fine resolution that will feed operational, control and planning LV grid applications.

Sense the LV Grid at very low cost

  • Easy installation, for very detailed information about the LV Network, per feeder and per line
  • Edge computing/ Integration of 3rd party apps
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EdgeSense DTVI-G

Slim for any substation cabinet.

sensor 2 min

EdgeSense DTVI-M

Robust in any climate.

caixa ews dtvi g pole mount alto sombra min

EdgeSense DTVI-G PMT

Compact & light for any pole.

Ingrid website min

EdgeSense InGrid

eneida DeepGrid®


Brings the Field Operative expertise and makes it available to the eneida DeepGrid® platform for more intelligent and informed decisions on the LV grid.

Install, Commission and Dispatch Intelligently

  • A mobile app for Field Operatives to install & commission
  • Optimise field operative dispatch and intelligence gathering

eneida DeepGrid®


Delivers a rich interactive environment, for Data Exploration, Global States Awareness, Asset Management and Configuration, Reporting and LV Apps utilization, from eneida or 3rd party Apps, for a better understanding and decision making on the new LV Grid.

Make sense of real time and historical data

  • See, explore and understand events and anomalies
  • Analyse and share dashboards

eneida DeepGrid®

Operational Analytics

Addressing one LV Grid pain at a time, LV Apps enable more electric vehicles in our streets, more solar panels on consumers’ roofs, anticipate, detect and locate faults, and other pains addressed in each LV App from eneida or that from 3rd parties

Forecast, plan and control the LV grid

  • Benefit from eneida.io’s LV Apps, or develop your owns with our support
  • Transform your LV network into an intelligent network

We build climate change ready neighbourhood grids, human led, locally resilient, globally scalable, today and now.