eneida DeepGrid®


An always-on companion for LV Grid Field Operatives, allowing their knowledge and expertise to be captured, anytime, whilst effectively installing and configure eneida’s smart sensor devices

Eneida Deepgrid EdgeForce

Install, Commission
and Dispatch Intelligently

Brings the Field Operative expertise and makes it available to the eneida DeepGrid® platform for more intelligent and informed decisions on the LV grid.

Enhance LV Grid Visibility

Guide Field Operatives in substation and device characterisation

Enable pro-active service

Enriching LV Asset information, one dispatch trip at a time, enables effective asset management

Guided Configuration & Device Commissioning

Enable Field Operatives to securely configure and commission smart sensor devices

Real Time Health LV Grid Health Checks

Able at anytime to connect to devices in the field and have their data validated and status health checked

Live Validation & Assurance

Installation and Commissioning process is concurrently validated and checked, providing feedback in the form of diagnostics, troubleshooting tips and final quality assurance sign off

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An API Call Away

Operational Analytics

LV Apps


We are always alert to provide real-time data from installed devices through an easy access app.