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Next Generation Smart Sensor Technology, with embedded AI, that solves the new challenges facing the LV Grid

edge sense
edge sense

Sense the LV Grid at very low Cost

Cutting edge technology embedded in a smart sensor device, slim for any substation cabinet, robust in any climate, compact and light for any pole. Captures critical measurements on the Low Voltage grid, with a fine resolution that will feed operational, control and planning LV grid applications.

Deepgrid EdgeSense

EWS DTVI-G installed in a Low Voltage 6 feeder pillars panel

Live Install

Install and commission live on the grid, in just a few minutes

Seconds to Intelligence

Deliver actionable LV grid intelligence within seconds of successful device commissioning

Over The Air Updates

Remotely configurable, allows firmware updates over the air or ethernet port

Edge Control

Able to communicate and acquire data from several sources, using various protocols, enabling decentralised control directly via device or via cloud to cloud

Configurable Events

Device triggered events such as sags and swells, voltage range violations, current level, transformer overload, reverse power flow, zero current, among others

Fine Measurements Resolution

All relevant electrical parameters from the distribution substation, by feeder and phase, with waveform capture capability for pre-fault detection and precise power quality grid analysis.

Eneida Deepgrid EdgeSense

EWS DTVI-M installed in a Low Voltage 9 feeder pillars panel

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