Investment & Capacity Optimisation

Eneida Deepgrid Investment & Capacity Optimisation

The investments required to reinforce the LV grid in order to accommodate the expected demand growth, puts a premium in advanced monitoring and prediction capabilities when it comes to congestion visibility and forecasting.

eneida is embracing and developing state of the art congestion analysis and forecasting to allow for best planning decisions whilst ensuring optimal quality of supply.

Capacity Optimization App

With Capacity Optimisation, a DSO can anticipate current and power constraints, by eneida DeepGrid® secondary substation, LV feeder, and phase. With adjustable network constraint violation thresholds, by substation, LV way, and phase, this allows the DSO to monitor and anticipate power constraints per Transformer and per LV feeder/phase.

The app provides two valuable outputs:
Load analysis (types of load, EV included) and forecasting per secondary
substation, LV way, and phase.
Events and alarms (to be viewed and tracked on eneida DeepGrid®, or by e-mail)
based on adjustable thresholds (e.g. maximum admissible load by LV way or secondary substation, for the forecasted time horizon).

Through capacity optimisation and upon a representative set of secondary substations, a DSO can increase its risk awareness over these LV assets lifetime, enabling its proper configuration and operation, and therefore optimising its investment plans and operational performance.

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