About us

Who We Are

Eneida is an innovative SME, founded in 2012 in Coimbra (Portugal), with a strong relationship with the city’s University. As a spin-off from a Portuguese engineering company, for over 6 years before its foundation, Eneida was an R&D department in its mother company, specialized in the development of industrial smart sensors and wireless networks.

The Low Voltage Network is key for having a better, carbon-free, World. It is key for having a rapid penetration of distributed solar and wind energy resources and of electric vehicles, but also for having a quality, secure, affordable, energy supply. As we believe that we have to do Better with Less, so we can have a better World for Everybody, we need to optimize the LV Network utilization to use fully what we have.

That`s why we developed DeepGrid® for optimizing the Low Voltage Network.

The successful implementation of our solutions in the market has increased our responsibility, which has led us to strengthen our spirit of research and innovation to ensure the difference and value creation of our action with our customers.

What We Do

At Eneida, we have developed an innovative platform that is able to make ever better recommendations about the condition and operation of the grid critical assets.

This platform combines Eneida`s Smart Sensors Networks with Data Analytics in a Collaborative software, that promotes the users secure sharing of knowledge and feedback with the goal of continuously improving the quality of future recommendations. This continuous learning philosophy is at the heart of our solution, and we strongly believe that it is an approach that the Energy Sector must embrace.

Based on this platform we have created a range of products and solutions dedicated to the continuous optimization of the electric grid.

Our Team

Bernardino Neves

Product Development

Bruno Galhardo

Product Development

Carlos Pina Teixeira

Co-Founder, CEO

Cátia Farinha


David Craveiro

Product Development

Flávio Cordeiro

Product Development

Francisco Cardoso

R&D Advisor

Helena Torres

Financial Manager

Hugo Cura

Quality Assurance

João Antunes


João Campos

Product Development

João Comprido


Jonathan Magalhães

Product Development

Jorge Cunha

Product Development

José Egreja

Co-Founder, CFO

José Oliveira

VP Product

Luís Maricato

Product Development

Luís Oliveira

Product Development

Marcos Cordeiro

Project Manager

Nuno Casaleiro

Product Development

Nuno Lima

Operations Manager

Paulo Falcão

Product Development

Sérgio Faria

Operations Manager

Sérgio Pereira

Supply Chain Manager

Tiago Cerqueira

Product Development

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