Who We Are

Eneida is an innovative SME, founded in 2012 in Coimbra (Portugal), with a strong relationship with the city’s University. We are an experienced team of professional with different Science and Engineering backgrounds, mixing management experience with data science, smart sensor design and LV grid competencies, very committed into optimizing the Low Voltage Network.

The eneida DeepGrid® platform enables Distribution System Operators and new energy players, such as Aggregators, to gain visibility at scale, at a higher granularity, and a finer level of control and optimization of the local grid, so people can live with a more reliable, secure, affordable energy supply, and a cleaner neighbourhood, today.

We’re determined to give each neighbourhood grid the technology and the intelligence it needs, so we have Zero Emission Neighbourhoods, (ZEN), for everyone, now.

What We Do

We designed an IoT Edge platform for the visibility and optimization of the Low Voltage network, with what we have been shaping a cleaner, more reliable and affordable neighbourhood grid.

The eneida DeepGrid® measures and captures what was not measured before. From the “feeder/line” (Secondary Substation), the operator gain LV network detailed visibility and also gain PV, EV, visibility from “Behind the meter”. We’ll do this at scale to the thousands and millions of substations across Europe.

The eneida DeepGrid® AI reduces and allows to eliminate uncertainty by predicting how people will produce and use energy and how the local grid will behave. We can then effectively coordinate and control consumers’ DERs in sync with the overall grid needs, so the outcome is net gain for all (ZEN).

Our Team

Carlos Pina Teixeira

Co-Founder, CEO

João Comprido


José Egreja

Co-Founder, CFO

Corina Pastor

Financial Manager

José Oliveira

VP Product

Marcos Cordeiro

Project Manager

João Antunes


Sérgio Faria

Operations Manager

Nuno Casaleiro

Product Development

Luís Oliveira

Product Development

Bruno Galhardo

Product Development

Alexandre Aparício

Product Development

João Domingos

Product Development

Luís Maricato

Product Development

João Campos

Product Development

Bernardino Neves

Product Development

Nuno Martins

Product Development

Paulo Falcão

Product Development

David Julião

Product Development

Mission and Integrated Management Policy

Find in the document below about what Eneida.io intends to


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