Solar Integration

Eneida Deepgrid Solar Integration

Solutions for high PV networks, as we witness the uptake deployment of embedded solar generation in LV Networks, so too is the rise in dynamic two-way flows of energy, with potential negative impact on thermal and voltage violations in the distribution network.

Eneida’s operating envelope solution, calculates for a given connection point, during a customizable time period, the upper and lower bounds on import or export power, at very low computational cost.

PV Visibility

Provides an easy visualisation of the installed PV capacity per HV/LV transformers and per LV feeder, with information on

  • HV/LV transformers that would benefit from PV adoption.
  • Awareness when the installed PV capacity reaches its maximum advised.
  • Installed PV capacity expansion rate over the monitored period.

Furthermore, predictions of PV production (by MV/LV transformers, HV feeder and HV/MV transformers) are provided to support decisions for the week ahead of controlled production.

Voltage State Estimation APP

Calculates how much injection should be curtailed to maintain voltage within statutory limits, through voltage estimation in each node of the LV grid.

The voltage state and active power that should be curtailed at every node is determined through power and voltage measurements drawn from the transformer outgoing circuits and power and voltage data from smart meters.

PV Operating Envelopes App

Calculates PV injection allowed for each connection point, ensuring lower and upper voltage bounds stay within normal operating limits.

The operating envelopes per connection point and per corresponding transformer are obtained through power and voltage measurements drawn from transformer’s outgoing circuits and power and voltage from smart meter data. Further higher accuracy of operating envelopes can be achieved through power and voltage feeder measurements at the distribution substation

Best Phase Connection App

In order to maximise the PV Hosting capacity of a given local grid, it identifies and recommends the best phase to connect a new prosumer.

Based on load and PV injection profile, voltage state estimation and knowledge of grid network topology.

Real Time Voltage Control App

A network topology agnostic approach, allows real-time voltage control with precise voltage setpoints to regulate voltage at the distribution substation, either reducing network voltage during peak generation (daytime) or increasing voltage (during resurgent evening peak loads).

Additional active power setpoints recommendations at the consumer nodes are provided, that can be effected either through PV curtailment or local storage of energy. Above approach is robust with only partial smart meter penetration.

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