Zero Faults

Eneida Deepgrid Zero Faults

Eneida DeepGrid® Zero Faults Package provide accurate detection, location and characterization of power quality, pre-fault and fault anomalies, using principled AI algorithms that also capture operative and enginnering DSO knowledge in every interaction within our platform, for higher accuracy and explainability.

LV Faults Detection and Classification

Detects, Classifies & Locates LL(G), LG, LL(G), LLL(G) fault types in LV grid networks.

Impedance & Distance to Fault App

Through calculating ratio of voltage and current at the substation, obtains impedance to fault. With per unit length of cable impedance, calculates distance to fault from substation.

Fault Current Level App

Fault Current Level App
Should the maximum current exceed device’s current magnitude limit, interpolation of current signal based on ascending current curve, when device and/or fuse tripping occurs, allows best estimate of actual current magnitude in these unique and extreme use cases.

Real-Time Alarms

A set of real-time threshold-based triggers tailored to detect critical events and provide the necessary insight on your network’s behaviour by providing a diagnosis, enabling fast response and avoiding extensive outages.

The real-time alarms application is capable of detecting events such as overvoltage, undervoltage, absence of voltage, overcurrent, null current, fuse blown.

Waveform Capture

When a critical event occurs in a network, it is of extreme importance that a correct and detailed diagnosis is provided.

The Waveform Capture application complements the Real-Time Alarms by capturing the voltage and current waveforms associated with each event, providing a fast and intuitive way for DSO operation centres to immediately analyse electromagnetic transients and assess the priority of each event.

Extreme Weather Events

Electrical networks are inherently exposed to weather conditions and any consequences they might bring. During extreme weather events, such as storms or tornadoes, networks can sustain extensive damage.

The Extreme Weather Events application aids in the subsequent incident management process, by prioritising the necessary maintenance actions and thus enabling the the DSO to minimize impact in a time of crisis.

Fuse Blown Classification App

Classification of fuse blown due to overload, short circuit or tired fuse is provided, based on the analysis of current and voltage signatures prior to event, and nominal fuse rating specifications.

Neutral Integrity App

Ongoing neutral integrity monitoring is key to rapidly identify and mitigate neutral integrity risks when loss of neutral occurs .

Detection of loss of neutral, both at the customer connection or at the supply point in the distribution substation, for the most commonly found earthing LV earthing arrangements, the TN-S and TN-C-S systems.

Dead Section Fault Detection App

Detects and locates phase faults in the HV section, repurposing LV Monitoring and investment, to detect also HV faults based on triangulation of LV measurements from multiple substations.
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