Integrated Management Policy

At ENEIDA.IO, we work hard every day to:


Quality Service

Satisfy customers for the quality and level of service provided.

Sustainble Development

Contribute to the sustainable development, by protecting the environment and preventing pollution, using natural resources rationally and reducing their consumption.

Life Quality

Foster the quality of life and preserve the integrity of the collaborators and of all persons that might be affected by our activities, and therefore on the scope of the Occupational Health and Safety management, the company assumes the commitments of eliminating dangers, reducing risks, and promoting the consultation and participation of the collaborators and their representatives.

Information Confidentiality

Ensuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information, services and infrastructure, both in normal operating circumstances and in exceptional circumstances.

Information Security

Ensuring the protection of our information assets, the continuity of our business and the mitigation of our risks, preventing information security incidents and reducing their potential impact.

Efficiency and Performance

Continuously improve the efficiency and performance of the integrated management system , in its aspects related to the quality, environment, health and safety, information security, IT service and corporate social responsibility.